Kappa Concept (Mario) saved my kitchen renovation a few years ago! The original cabinet maker hired made a complete mess of the white acrylic upper cabinets which literally left my wife in tears 2 weeks before our move in date. Yes, the backsplash (4’x4’ LFT porcelain tiles) was already installed along with the exhaust fan but thank heavens she was referred to Mario (27+ years’ experience). He noticed the issues with the cabinets immediately, explained why this happens, plus what he needs to do to correct the situation. He explained all our options with respective timelines, and costs. We agreed and he took detailed measurements and laid out the timeline. It took 3 weeks (rush), but his kitchen installers came in as true professionals and installed everything in 4 hours. More importantly, the fit and finish looked perfect! The price was even better! I was ready to pay double for what you did 😊…Thank you for saving my marriage!

Dino Maragos

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