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It’s not only about designing the perfect kitchen for you, it’s about understanding your needs and listening to your ideas. It has always been about the little things in life that make us happy.

Established in 1999

Our beginnings have been humble and blessed. With passion, perseverance & support from our friends and family Kappa has built, is continuously building and will continue to create dream kitchens & baths.

The trade has been passed down from generations to generations!


The family name Kalfopoulos is explained as follows. “Kalfas” in Greek means apprentice and “poulos” means son! The Kappa Concept Owners today originate from a long generation of Kalfopoulos Carpenters!

Our grandfather was the Greek Kalfas! Periklis Kalfopoulos founded his first cabinet making company in Pireus Greece in 1941.

And so the Kalfopoulos Family became known as a family of cabinet makers.

They were Greeks that had to migrate from Contantinople to Athens, Greece in the early 1900’s. Leaving their belongings and businesses behind was very difficult. The trade of carpentry helped them rebuild and make a new home.

Our father, Nasso Kalfopoulos, had to eventually move to Canada in the 1970s. He had learnt the trade as well and taught his sons, Perry and Mario, the trade of cabinetry. Founding our own business in kitchen cabinetry was the next path!

The Kappa Family!

Kappa was first founded in 1999! We take pride & joy in what we do! We are very grateful and fortunate to have established our business in Montreal, Canada! We are driven to continue the legacy of our ancestors!


  • Create unique and elegant kitchens that inspire family & gatherings!
  • Focusing on your budget and listening to your needs.


The Kappa Concept Team focuses on bringing your ideas to life and delivering the project in a timeline that fits yours!

Book to visit our showroom located at 2925 De Miniac. Saint-Laurent, Qc. H4S 1L8 at 514.254.3175.

Our shop is also located in the back! Come and meet our professional team that builds the cabinetry!


Established since december 1998

First kitchens were built from our home garage. The equipment bought was enough to start our own business in the garage.

In 2008, rented a larger space

Business was growing and we found a garage in Laval. We had our first office with a bigger space to work in.

In 2013, showroom and shop

Kappa needed a bigger space to operate and so we moved to 2925 de Miniac, the industrial location of Saint-Laurent in 2013.

In 2019, expanded showroom and shop

An opportunity of expanding came up and we seized it. The second showroom located at 2935 is almost finished. Come and visit to see for yourselves the newly designed kitchens of the Kappa Team!


Mario Kalfopoulos
Cabinet Maker – Managing Partner



Cabinet Maker - Sales

Managing Partner




Managing Partner

Dream Living.

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